Calibrate Touchscreen

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How to Calibrate the Touchscreen

It's a good idea to calibrate the screen before using it the first time, to make sure that when you touch the Touchscreen with your finger, the location will register exactly, for the optimal responsiveness and performance to your touch.

At the Touchscreen:

  • At the Touchscreen, press the Gear button
  • Enter the 4-digit System PIN (which is set, and can be viewed, on the Advanced Settings screen in the Care Menu.)
  • Press "System"
  • Press the "Calibrate Screen" button
  • A crosshair will appear in the top left-hand corner. Carefully press it in the middle as exactly as possible. Additional crosshairs will appear on other parts of the screen, one at a time. Press each one. When you've pressed all of them, then press the "Apply Calibration" button