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Caregiving Menu


The "Caregiving" button gives you access to 2 system features, which may be privacy-protected with a 4-digit system PIN number.

  • Assign Reading is useful if two or more people share the same health device. Use "Assign Reading" to match a person to a reading.
  • Care Notes is meant for Caregivers to leave notes for one another. Caregivers can view and write care coordination notes at the touchscreen.

Assign Readings

It's important to match a health reading with a person. If you and another person share the same device, e.g. a blood pressure monitor, weight scale, or pulse oximeter, then when one of you takes a reading, you need to assign it to the correct person. Press the "Assign Reading" button to see recent readings, and select the resident to whom it belongs.

Assign Reading

Care Notes

Caregivers can leave care coordination notes for one another about your care. They can view and write these notes on your touchscreen, by pressing the "Care Notes" button.

Care Coordination Notes


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