Internal GCManage Changelog

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2.0.3 r1982

Released March 11, 2013

  • Added nightly malware scan to ensure server integrity
  • Email logo can now be branded
  • Added a switch to allow all monitoring and wellness features to be turned off
  • Added initial multi-language support
  • Fixed bug making user list page inaccessible under certain circumstances
  • Fixed data sync to client issues

2.0.2 r1923

Released January 8, 2013

  • Removed "Parent" and "Child" terminology from Distributor/Group/Account relationships
  • Added role to user rows
  • Fixed several security holes

GCManage 2.0.1 r1895

Released December 4, 2012

New Features

  • Account migration tools for moving from 1.5 to 2.0 servers
  • Command line tool that initiates process and does required DB manipulation
  • User notification screen that redirects user to new server on login
  • Method for user to set a new password for their account
  • Match User view to fit pattern defined by other views
  • Add list button to header
  • Add Log view to view all actions by User and all actions to User
  • Show sidebar to flip between General and Log view
  • Show all editable fields in Account on view and dashboard info
  • Add filtering by Distributor and Group on Account view on dashboard

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Severity Category Summary
1511 minor Web Interface No error message when not accepting EULA for new user
1922 minor Web Interface System Sort By OS does not sort a system with a defined OS properly
1927 major Web Interface Couldn't agree to HIPAA on 2nd try
1930 major Web Interface Can view residents on dashboard of accounts not in an active state
1948 major Web Interface Alerts page loads by default for Group Caregiver, but no Alert button present in Communication Menu
1962 major Web Interface Able to delete role of Group Admin from User as Account Admin
1966 major Web Interface Can Edit Users/Accounts above your level if you go through an Alert or Care Note
1981 major Web Interface As Resident Admin, can view non-assigned resident wellness data due to drop down list with All Residents option
2089 minor Callouts Callout List with International number in middle does not proceed to next number
2100 minor Web Interface Setting Country to United States is not saving for User
2109 minor Security Invalid password request in error
2134 minor Web Interface View Account information doesn't display demo status
2135 text Web Interface Now that Dealers are no longer called Dealers, the account setting for Dealer Demonstration account should be renamed
2154 major Backend Too many open file handles/sockets causes breakage
2159 major API / Services Last activity is always incorrect by a set number of hours
2161 minor Web Interface IE 8 compatibility warning not showing up
2171 minor Web Interface Unable to enter in phone area codes starting with 44 for United States
2174 minor Web Interface Failed to load data error on Weight page in Wellness as Resident Admin or Resident Caregiver
2176 minor Web Interface Account Dashboard Drop Down Sort by Problems
2190 minor Web Interface Chrome: Calendars do not function properly
2192 minor Web Interface Rebooting system does not have system status go to Off at any point of reboot process
2201 minor Web Interface Non-descriptive error text when adding role to user
2205 minor Web Interface Resident Caregiver search on home page does not work
2206 minor Web Interface List button on Manage My Info will take you to Mange Users page while logged in at Resident user level
2207 minor Web Interface Resident Caregiver can see all Manage Resident options
2216 minor Web Interface Console errors in Firefox for GCM 2 log in page
2221 minor Web Interface }