Mean Arterial Pressure

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Taking a Blood Pressure Reading

Mean arterial pressure (MAP) is a term used to describe the average blood pressure of an individual during a single cardiac cycle.

The system collects both systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Some healthcare professionals also want to see the "MAP" (mean arterial pressure), which is a standard calculated value based upon systolic and diastolic.

How is it Calculated?

  The basic equation is: MAP = (2*diastolic+systolic)/3.

Essentially this assumes that the heart is at rest two thirds of the time (diastolic) and pumping one third of the time (systolic).

How is it Used?

This reading is not displayed on the touchscreen.

It can be found in:

Blood Pressure Reports
The Care Menu - Under Wellness

Wellness Notifications can also be set up based on the MAP.