Medication Compliance

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Medication Analytics Page
Medication Compliance Summary

Medication Reminders

When your loved one is reminded to take medications, the message includes 3 buttons:

  • To acknowledge that medication was taken
  • To ask to be reminded later
  • To refuse the medication

Medication Reminder

The system keeps track of the button presses. Pressing the button acknowledging the medication was taken is counted as compliance. Pressing the button to refuse the medication is counted as non-compliance. Not pressing either of those buttons during the scheduled time period for a medication is also counted as non-compliance.

Compliance History

You can view a summary of your loved one's medication compliance by medication. To view the history:

When a medication is discontinued, delete the schedule for that medication. This will prevent your loved one from being prompted to take a discontinued med, and it will give you a more accurate picture of the compliance history for that medication.

GC-01-OUM-0044 Rev A