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Phone People are used by the system in two ways. First, it is the list of people who are allowed to have video chats with the Resident. As a security feature, the system will not accept video calls from unknown callers. Second, the list is used on systems that have implemented the available Caller ID feature.

If Caller ID is enabled, whenever a phone call comes to the Resident, the name, description and picture of the person calling will display on screen, and the call history log will show the known callers. If you suspect some kind of problem, the system can track and send alerts if there are unknown callers.

Adding Phone People

To add a Phone Person:
  1. Open the Care Menu from the Online Care Portal
  2. Click the "People" button
  3. Click the "Phone People" link
  4. Click the "Add a New Phone Person" button
  5. Enter the caller's information, most importantly their name, description, and phone numbers.
  6. Add a picture of the caller by clicking the "Change Picture" button, and browsing your computer for a digital photo
  7. Click the "Finish" button to save