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List of Letters Received
Reading a Letter
Letters Button


The Letters feature, lets you exchange electronic letters with family members and caregivers.

Letters is similar to email, but more secure, without the risk of “viruses” and “spam” messages common to regular email..

You will receive the letters on your Touchscreen system, and they will receive them as email.

You can compose letters, read the letters sent to you, reply to letters, and, when you’re finished with them, save them.

Receiving a Letter

  • Press on the “Letters” button to display a list of letters, the most recent ones at the top.
  • Press a letter to read it.

Sending a Letter

Composing a Letter
  • You can reply to a letter by pressing the "Reply" button when the letter is open. An on-screen keyboard will appear for composing your reply.
  • Press the "Send Letter" button to send the reply.
  • Or press the "Compose" button to send a new letter. Press the "Add Recipient" button to choose one or more recipients.

Your caregivers can add additional people to this list.