Touchscreen Music Programs

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Music Programs
Music Programs

Music Programs

You can play programs of music by popular artists, in a variety of styles and time periods.

Once the music starts, it will continue to play in the background until the end of the program (or until you press Stop), even if you are doing something else on the system, such as looking at pictures, taking your weight, reading the news, or playing cards.

How to Use Music Programs

  • Play - Play - To start playing a program, press the “Play” button.

  • Pause - middle of a song, by pressing the “Pause” button. Press the “Play” button again, and the music will resume where it left off.

  • Stop - To turn off a program, press the “Stop” button. If you press “Play” again, it will restart the program, at the beginning of a new song.

  • Skip - Press the "Skip" button if you want to skip over a song you don't like.

  • Volume - To adjust the volume, press the "Volume" button.

  • Program - You can change to a different program by pressing on the "Program" button. Your system starts with five pre-set programs.

Adding More Programs

There are many more programs of music available. Your caregiver can add additional music programs through the Care Menu.