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Care Portal
From letters and photos to video calling and websites, GrandCare has many features for interacting with family and professional caregivers. Just took a cute photo of the kids? Send it to mom right from your smartphone. Find a fun youtube video? Put it right on the GrandCare touchscreen. Then send a message to tell your loved one that something new is waiting for them. Or just place a video call so you can catch up in person.

Communication Features

Video Calling


- Place or receive a video call to the touchscreen from your computer or smartphone.
- Add specific websites to the GrandCare touchscreen.
- Send a letter to the touchscreen and receive a response. It's as easy as email, but better.
- Upload slideshow photos directly from your PC or with GrandCare Mobile

Customizing the Touchscreen

Touchscreen Main Menu

For more specifics about how to set rules and under what conditions, and what the graphs can show, please see the help pages for each sensor type.