Touchscreen and Social Features

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Care Portal
From letters and photos to video calling and websites, GrandCare has many features for interacting with family and professional caregivers. Just took a cute photo of the kids? Send it to mom right from your smartphone. Find a fun youtube video? Put it right on the GrandCare touchscreen. Then send a message to tell your loved one that something new is waiting for them. Or just place a video call so you can catch up in person.

Communication Features

Video Calling


- Place or receive a video call to the touchscreen from your computer or smartphone.
- Add specific websites to the GrandCare touchscreen.
- Send a letter to the touchscreen and receive a response. It's as easy as email, but better.
- Upload slideshow photos directly from your PC or with GrandCare Mobile

Customizing the Touchscreen

Touchscreen Main Menu

Using the Touchscreen

Using the Touchscreen - Residents access all the features of the system using the pushbuttons on the touchscreen.