Troubleshooting Tips

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Basic Troubleshooting Questions

  1. Is the plug attached to the computer?
  2. Is the plug all the way into the wall?
  3. Is the outlet always active, or can it be turned on and off with a wall switch? (Not recommended. If this is the case, plug the system into a different outlet.)
  4. Is the antenna plugged into the computer?
  5. Is the antenna plugged into the wall?
  6. Do you see a "green light" on the small box and the power cord of the antenna? (Is this true?)
  7. If not, can you plug something else into the plug, such as a clock or a lamp to make sure the plug is working?
  8. Ok, on the right hand side of the monitor there are a series of buttons; press the top button for about one second and wait for 10 seconds?
  9. Does anything happen? Does a light a light at the bottom of the monitor come on at all?
  10. If nothing comes up, it seems like the computer crashed, we'll get another one out to you right away.

Care Menu Display Issues

If you receive an error message saying the web page isn't found when you try to display the Care Menu, it most likely means that you need to clear your browser cache (delete temporary internet files.) Often, it is enough to close the browser program completely, and then open it, and login to the Online Care Portal again. In fact, if this is a problem you experience regularly, we recommend that you close and re-open your browser between each login to the Online Care Portal. Otherwise, in your browser's Help window, search for "clear cache" to learn how to delete temporary internet files in your browser.

Also, in Internet Explorer, you can set the cache to clear each time you close the program:

  • Go to Tools (gear icon in the upper right corner)
  • Select Internet Options
  • On General Settings tab, under Browsing History ensure there is a check in the box next to "Delete browsing history on exit"
  • Click Apply

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors respond in part to heat. If the sensor is placed too close to a heat source, such as a radiator or heat register, it may register a false positive, indicating that there is motion when there is not.