Turning Off the System

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Turning Off the System

How to Turn Off the System

This system should never be turned off. It is designed to run all the time, collecting sensor information, updating tables and graphs, and sending designated alerts. These things can only happen while the system is running.

In the rare situation that the system must be turned off, follow these instructions:

  • DO NOT unplug the system to turn it off.
  • DO press and release the power button on the device. You only need to press it once.

The system will go through the shut-down process, and then shut off.

As an alternative, you can turn off the system by pressing the "Settings" button on the touchscreen. You may be required to enter the system PIN. Then press the "System" button that appears. Then press the "Shutdown System" button.

If you would like to restart the system instead of shutting it down, press the "Reboot System" button.

How to Turn On the System

Press the power button once. The system takes a few minutes to completely load and display the screen.