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Enjoying a Video Chat


Video chat is an easy-to-use and powerful feature that is available on most interactive GrandCare systems. Your loved one can make video calls from the system, or receive them.

Before You Begin

Your GrandCare system comes with a Skype account already set up and installed on it. At the time that you received the system, your installer should have told you the account name. If not, contact your installer for that information.

Anyone who would like to have a video chat with your loved one needs to have established their own Skype account, and have it set up on their own computer. Skype accounts are free, and easy to establish, by going to

Video Chat Setup

Only people who have been set up as Known Caller can have a video chat with your loved one. This is a security feature that prevents your loved one from getting video calls from strangers. To set up a known caller, see the Known Caller Help Page. Important - Skype may take up to 10 minutes to register friends after a friend request has been accepted, so video calls will not be successful immediately.

Making a Video Call to Your Loved One

Use Skype to place a video call to your loved one's GrandCare system. Your GrandCare dealer or installer should have given you the Skype account name when the system was installed. If you don't have it, contact your dealer or installer, or contact GrandCare Customer Support. Set your loved one up as a contact in Skype. You must be setup as a Known Caller in your loved one's system in order for the system to receive your call. Make sure that your computer volume is not muted, and that you have a working microphone on your computer.

Receiving a Video Call From Your Loved One

You must have your computer on and your Skype program running in order to receive a video call from your loved one. You will receive it like any Skype video call. Click the button to answer it. Make sure that your computer volume is not muted, and that you have a working microphone on your computer.

Making a Video Call From the Touchscreen

Skype Icon

Once you have set up callers, your loved one is ready to make calls. Your loved one can start a call by pressing the Video Chat icon (pictured at the left) displayed on the touchscreen. This will display the Video Chat window, which lists all the known callers that were set up in the Care Menu. Your loved one just chooses who to call, and presses the appropriate button to start the call.

Video Chat - Step-by-Step Video

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