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Video Chat on a Touchscreen System
Video Chat Screen

You can make or receive video calls on your touchscreen. Video calling is easy to do. Anyone who wants to video chat with you needs to be added to the account by its caregivers/administrators. The touchscreen user can only call authorized people and only authorized people can call the touchscreen user.

Friends and family can use their computers or smartphones to call you. Medical professionals may do so also. GrandCare's video calling is secure and private, so you can talk to healthcare professionals and discuss sensitive information if need be.

Making a Video Call

  1. Press the video call button on your touchscreen.
    You will see a list of buttons with names of people. These are people you can video chat with. If a button is brightly colored, that person is available for a video chat. If a button is dull, that person is currently unavailable.
  2. Press a brightly colored button to call that person.
    If you press a dull colored button, you will receive a message saying that they are unavailable.
  3. You will hear a ringing tone.
    Just like a telephone call, the system will ring to let you know the call is being made. Also like a telephone, the person you are calling must answer. If the person you are calling does not answer, the call will end. Try again a little later.

Receiving a Video Call

  1. When someone calls you, your touchscreen will ring.
  2. Press the Answer button on the screen to answer the call.
  3. Under certain circumstances your caregivers may choose to have your GrandCare touchscreen answer automatically.

ːA video chat call will end when one of the parties presses the "Hang-Up" button.