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5-Day Forecast in the Digital Slide Show


Current Weather

It's easy for your loved one to get current weather conditions and a 5-day forecast on the system. It's also easy for remote caregivers to check the weather for their loved ones.

Setting the Weather City

Setting the Weather City

You can choose the city for the system's weather display. To set the weather city:

  1. Log in to the Online Care Portal
  2. Go to the system's View Accounts
  3. Once at the account page, click the "Details" tab at the top of the page
  4. Next, click the "Edit Account" button
  5. Set the state, country, city, postal code, and timezone of the system.
  6. Click the "Save Account" button at the bottom of the page

Checking the Weather Remotely

  1. Log in to the Online Care Portal
  2. Open the Care Menu
  • The Weather button displays a temperature, which is the current temperature in your loved one's area.

For more details:

  1. Click the "Weather" button on the Care Menu
  2. A 5-day forecast for your loved one's area is displayed near the top of the screen
  3. Click the "Current Conditions" button to get more details about the current weather conditions for your loved one's area

Checking the Weather from the Touchscreen

For information on Touchscreen operations please see Time and Weather and News.