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Wellness Menu
Wellness Features for a Loved One
Wellness Button


If you use wireless health devices with your system, such as a weight scale, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, or glucometer, you can view your readings on your touchscreen.

View Readings

Each person sharing the system has his or her own Wellness menu. So when you press the "Wellness" button on the Main Menu, you may see a list of residents. Press your own name. You may need to enter a 4-digit individual code, which is an optional privacy protection. You will then see a list of the devices that are assigned to you. Press on the button for a device to see a list of your readings. Use the arrows if you want to display readings for previous months. (Note that you can also access the multiple-choice assessments through the Wellness feature.)

View Your Readings


GC-01-OUM-0033 Rev B