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And and Edit Photos Screen
Activity Monitoring
Any caregiver can share personal photos with a Resident. Photos will display as part of the digital slide show on the touchscreen and be available in photo albums for on-demand viewing. Upload photos remotely from any Internet-connected computer or set up a feed to automatically share selected Facebook™ Photo albums.

Upload Photos

To add photos this way, you must have copies of them on your computer, or on a device that is attached to your computer, such as a flash drive or a camera.

Upload Photos from your Computer
  1. Open the Care Menu from the Online Care Portal
  2. Click the “Photos” button
  3. Click the "Add/Edit Photos" Button
  4. Make a new photo album for the photos (If you have not already done so.)
  5. Add Photos to an album
Upload Photos from the Mobile app
  1. See the Mobile App page for instructions.

To share selected photo albums from your Facebook account, see the Facebook Photo Feed help page.

Photo Options


When you upload a photo, the file name is used as the caption. You can change the caption to a descriptive title or phrase. In "Add/Edit Photos," select the "Rename Photos" link. It's nice to have a descriptive caption to accompany a photo in the slide show. In addition, the caption is used in the "Pick the Caption" brain exercise game, and a descriptive caption works much better for that purpose.

Photo Options

There are a few system settings for photos that you can change. To see the settings, in the Photos Module, click the "Options" button.

  • Photo Refresh controls how frequently slides change on the system's digital slide show
  • Show Photo Captions controls whether the caption is displayed with the photo on the system's digital slide show