Disabling Rules

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Motion Rule with icon for Disabling the Rule
Medication Rule with Slider Switch for Disabling the Rule

You can turn off individual rules, for example when the Resident goes on vacation, or a particular alert is no longer needed. That will prevent you from receiving unnecessary alerts, e.g. if there are rules to alert you when there is no motion, or nobody in bed. You can enable the rules again when the Resident returns. (You may also activate the Away Mode setting to temporarily stop all alerts when the Resident is away.

The Rules Icon

Most rules have an icon next to them. Delete the rule by hitting the "Garbage Can" button next to the rule. The rule can also be edited with the "Pencil" Icon

To Disable a Rule:

To Disable a Medication Rule: The medication module uses a newer interface design. To disable a medication dispenser rule:

To Re-Start a Rule: Simply reverse the process, by adding a check to the box for most rules, or change the slider switch back to On for medication dispenser rules.