Event Reminders

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Events created on the touchscreen can pop up reminders for the resident. They are set up while creating of editing an Event. They will not dismiss any active dialogs (for example, they will not close the Video Chat or Medication dialogs, they will wait until these close).

A user defined alarm can sound when the reminder pops up. The alarm will sound every five minutes until the reminder is dismissed or expires.

Each type of Event has a different reminder behavior.

Calendar Event Reminder

Calendar Event Reminder

This reminder will only show up if set up from the Add/Edit Event view. Press the Event to bring up a detail view of the Event. Press the Dismiss button to close the reminder. The reminder will stay active until dismissed or until the Event is over.

To-Do Reminder

ToDo Item Reminder

All ToDo Items will show a reminder when they are due. You can check off ToDo Items from the reminder by pressing the box next to the item in the ToDo list. If all ToDo Items in a reminder dialog are checked off, the dialog closes automatically. If you press the Remind Me Later button, the reminder will snooze for five minutes and display again. If you press Refuse ToDos these ToDo Items will be marked as refused and will no longer pop up reminders. They will not be checked off on Today's Schedule.