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Example of the Help Screen for the Calendar


Press the Help button for useful information about how things work on whatever screen you're on. As you move to a different feature of the Touchscreen, the help information will change with you. For example, when you're looking at Photos, if you touch the Help button, the help information will be about how to look at Photos in their albums. When you touch the Help button with the Video Chat screen open, the information will be about how Video Chat works.

Using Help

If you have a question while using your Touchscreen, touch the Help button, which is always visible on the left side of the screen. the help information will pop up, without interrupting what you were doing. When you are finished, touch the Return button to go back to what you were doing.

Other Buttons

  • System Information - to quickly view major System Setting information, such as System number, software version number, etc.
  • Privacy - to view GrandCare's Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Online Help - to access the complete online Help manual (