Obsolete Health Devices - Getting Started

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Health Devices


Telehealth devices such as weight scale, pulse oximeter, glucometer and blood pressure monitor, wirelessly record health readings and store them on the System. Family and health care providers can log in, view data, and set up rules.


All the supported telehealth devices that can be used with the system are wireless, battery-operated, and Bluetooth-enabled. In order to transmit readings to the system, a Bluetooth adapter must be installed. (See the Supported Hardware List for the current selection of supported sensors and adapters.) After the Bluetooth adapter is installed, then the device(s) must be paired with the system. Finally, each device must be assigned to one or more Residents.


Monitoring Activity

After the adapter has been configured, and the devices added and assigned, Caregivers can view the health readings, and set up rules that will send notifications if situations they define should occur. For more information on viewing wellness data, see the Health Monitoring - Getting Started help page.