Obsolete Medication Reminders - Getting Started

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Activity Monitoring


The system can prompt your loved one when it is time take medications, with instructions and a picture of the exact medication to be taken, and can contact you or your loved one if medications haven't been accessed. Caregivers start by entering the Medications and Medication Schedules at the Care Menu. Residents will receive on-screen reminders when it is time to take medications. The reminders will remain until the scheduled time elapses, or the Resident acknowledges taking the medications. Caregivers can set rules to be notified when medications are or aren't taken, and can check in to review overall medication compliance.

Medication Options

- Caregivers enter information about the medication, e.g. med name, picture, dosage, purpose
- Caregivers enter the scheduled time for taking the med
- Residents receive on-screen reminders (with or without an audible alert tone) that list the meds to be taken at that time
- Caregivers can review overall medication compliance by med
- Caregivers can set rules to be notified when the Resident acknowledges taking the meds are taken, or when meds are not acknowledged as taken

GC-01-OUM-0048 Rev A