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The Dashboard of the Online Care Portal - for an Admin-Level User
Activity Monitoring


The Online Care Portal is the website that caregivers use to access the resident's system. Through the Care Portal, caregivers can use all the features of the system, such as viewing activity or health data, setting rules, or communicating with the resident. Because the Care Portal is web-based, it can be used on any Internet-connected device, e.g. a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Logging In

The most important thing the Online Care Portal does is to control who has access to your loved one's system. Only authorized users can log in to the Online Care Portal. The user's role determines what features are available to the user. For more information about user roles, see:

The features and capabilities available to each user is determined by their User roles.

General Features

System Controls


Each system has its own account displayed on the Online Care Portal. Each account is accessed separately making it easy for Caregivers to manage multiple systems.