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This system should never be turned OFF. It is designed to run all the time, collecting sensor information, updating tables and graphs, and sending designated alerts. These things can only happen while the system is running.

To Turn the System ON

- Press the power button one time. (Only press it once.)
- The system takes a few minutes to completely load and display the screen.

To Turn the System OFF

Safety Precautions and Instructions

Never unplug the system while it's running.
In the rare situation that the system must be turned OFF, follow these instructions:

- DO NOT unplug the system to turn it off.
- Do press and release the power button. (Only press it once.) The system will go through the shut-down process, and then shut off.

Where is the Power Button Located?

Note: the appearance and location of your GrandCare's power button may vary. Different makes and models of touchscreens place them in different locations.

Power Button is on the front of some computersPower Button is on the side of other computers