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Reminders for daily activities such as exercises, cooking a meal, or other complex personal tasks can be configured to display on the GrandCare touchscreen.

Family or professional caregivers have the ability to create custom content to assist the user with daily tasks, according to their needs.

Caregiving Tab

Activity Reminder Configuration

  • Activity Reminders are created in the Care Portal from the Caregiver Tab view of the account. They appear on the touchscreen according to the schedule they are given when created.
  • Activity Reminders can include enumerated steps that are read aloud when the reminder is displayed.
  • An image or a video can also be attached to the reminder.
  • Once content is customized, pending reminders can be seen from the schedule view for the activity.

It should be noted that Activity Reminders are meant to provide guidance for a single task with multiple steps.

If the user requires reminders for multiple, distinct tasks throughout the day, other types of event reminders should be configured for each of those tasks.

Activity Reminder Steps

Activity Reminders
  1. Log in and select the appropriate account
  2. Go to the Caregiving Tab
  3. Navigate to the Activity Reminders section
  4. Click on "Add Reminder"
  5. Add a Title for the reminder
  6. Optional: If you choose, upload a photo that will display with the reminder (if no photo is uploaded, a screen shot from the video will be used.)
  7. Upload a video from your video library OR link to a video from YouTube that contains the instructive content.
  8. Schedule the days and times that the reminder should be displayed.
  9. Optional: Add a series of steps that will be read aloud to the user prior to the video playback.

These reminders will also populate in Today's Schedule.