Battery Tips for Sensors

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Your sensors require batteries to operate. You can check current battery levels using the Battery Reporting. You should find changing batteries to be fairly straight-forward, but here are a few tips to help you.

Z-Wave Motion and Temperature Sensor (HSM100)

Z-Wave Motion Sensors

  • The Z-Wave Motion and Temperature Sensor (Model HSM100) takes 3 AAA batteries. (We recommend long-lasting lithium batteries.) You can pull off the back of the sensor after lifting the little plastic tab located near the light. When you have finished replacing the batteries, press the little blue button on the side of the sensor.

Inovonics Sensors

The High-Traffic Inovonics motion sensor has a replaceable battery, but there is a small cable that must also be unplugged and plugged, which may be surprising. This video shows you have the battery can be removed, and how a battery can be added. A source for batteries is:

<mediaplayer>File:InovonicsBatteryChange.mp4</mediaplayer> (May take a few moments to load before starting)

The following is a list of supported Inovonics sensors, and the model number for their batteries:

EN1223S Single-Button Water-Resistant Pendant Transmitter CR2450
EN1210 Single-Input Universal Transmitter 123A
EN1265 360° Ceiling-Mount Motion Detector 2 x 123A
EN1261HT High-Traffic Four-Element Motion Detector BR-AG
EN1262 Motion Detector with Pet Immunity 123A
EN1723 Dual-Input Temperature Transmitter 123A
EN1210W Door/Window Transmitter with Reed Switch 123A

For Battery Safety Precautions, see the Safety Precautions Page