Burden Scale For Family Caregivers (BSFC)

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With this scale, valid assessment of subjective burden among family caregivers is possible all over Europe using the same questionnaire. This is one of the possible six Assessments that can be loaded onto the system. This assessment is only available to clinical agencies, as it requires a special scoring tool.


The burden experienced by family caregivers is the most important caregiver-related variable in care at home of a chronically-ill person. The extent of subjective burden has significant impact on the emotional and physical health of the family caregiver, and even influences the mortality of spouse caregivers. It affects the way the family caregiver deals with the care-receiver and determines the time of institutionalization.

Burden Scale for Family Caregivers (BSFC)

The Burden Scale for Family Caregivers can be accessed through the "Caregiver Assessment" applet on the main menu