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Adding a Care Note on the Touchscreen
Care Coordination Notes on the Care Portal

Care Notes are a way for people in the caregiving network to exchange messages and notes about the resident. These notes are designed to be seen by caregivers, and not by the resident, for those situations in which the notes include sensitive information that would be better not to be seen by the resident. (Other features of the system, Messages and Letters, are designed for communication between the caregivers and the resident.)

Adding a Care Note

There are several different ways to add a Care Note:

From the Online Care Portal, Account Screen
  1. Log into the Online Care Portal and open the Care Menu.
  2. Click on the system account to open it.
  3. Click the "Caregiving" tab.
  4. Click the "Care Coordination Notes" button.
  5. Click "Add New Care Coordination Note".

From the Calendar in the Care Menu
  1. Log into the Online Care Portal and open the Care Menu.
  2. Click the "Calendar" button.
  3. Select the current date.
  4. Click the "Add Care Note" link.

At the Touchscreen
You can enter a Care Note directly from the touchscreen.
  1. Touch the "Caregiving" button.
  2. If you are not yet Checked In, enter your Caregiver Pin.
  3. Touch the "Care Notes" button'.
  4. Touch the "New Care Note" button.

Viewing a Note

There are four different ways to see Care Notes:

  1. In the Online Care Portal: Under Notifications, click “View Care Coordination Notes”. Select the correct resident, and choose the date range for the notes.
  2. From the Calendar: From the Care Menu, click the "Calendar" button to open the calendar, then click the note icon on the date of the note you want to see.
  3. On the Touchscreen: Touch the "Caregiving" button on the Main Menu, and then "Care Notes". You may have to enter your Caregiver Pin. (The Touchscreen display is limited to Care Notes created in the last 14 days.)
  4. In email: At the end of every day, all the care notes written that day will be sent out as email to all caregivers who have been set up with email addresses.

Care Note Reports

See Reports.

Changing and Deleting Notes

Care Notes can be added and viewed, but, to comply with HIPAA regulations, a security feature has been added. Once a Note has been saved it cannot be changed or deleted.