Distributor Systems

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Distributor Systems Tab

List of Systems in a Group

Click the "Systems" tab to see, and manage, the list of the Systems in any Group under the Distributor.

System Functions for Groups

  • Manage Systems - The Systems are listed in reverse numerical order (newer Systems at the top of the list.) Click on a System to see more information about it, and to have access to the Manage Systems functions.
  • Sort - Click the "Sort" button to change the order in which the list is sorted. You can re-order the list by System ID number (highest to lowest, or lowest to highest), hardware model, operating system version, or software version on the System.
Asc = Ascending (lowest to highest)
Desc = Descending (highest to lowest)
  • Search - To search for a particular System, enter a full or partial System number or Account name into the textbox, and then click the "Refresh" button or press the [Enter] key.
  • Filter - Click the "Filter" button if you want to show a list of all Systems, or a list of only the Systems with a particular system status, e.g. Active, Updateable, Up, Down, Inventory, Disabled, Remote.