Inovonics Antenna Configuration

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Choose a Port

How to Install an Inovonics Antenna

  • When you first use the Inovonics antenna, open the case for it, and attach the ACC643 cable
  • Plug the antenna into an electrical outlet that is not switch-operated
  • The Invonics antenna is a serial device, so plug it into a serial port on the system if there is one, or use a Serial-USB adapter to plug the antenna into an available USB port
  • At the system, press the System (Gear) button
  • Enter the 4-digit System PIN (which is set, and can be viewed, on the Advanced Settings screen in the Care Menu
  • Press "Devices" and then "Antennas."
  • On the Antennas page, the Inovonics antenna is referred to as the "EN4000"
  • In the EN4000 row, choose the port it is plugged into - your choices will be specific to the system hardware
  • Press "Turn On"
  • Restart peripherals when prompted
  • If installed correctly, the row will now be highlighted in green. If there is a problem with the installation, the row will be highlighted in red.
  • After it is installed correctly, you can begin to add Inovonics devices, such as motion sensors, door sensors, etc.