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Adding a Device

In order for the device to send readings to the GrandCare system, it must be configured on the system.

  • For motion, door, and bed sensors, open the Activity module
  • For action buttons, open the Notifications module
  • Click the "Add New Device" button
  • Enter a Location and Description for the device
  • Select the proper device from the drop-down selection list (For Door sensors choose the option that includes the words "internal contact." External contact is for use with pressure mats.)
  • Click the "Next" button
  • Enter the device Serial Number (found on a sticker on the bottom of the device) - Enter the complete number, including any tiny numbers preceding the full-size numbers
  • Click the "Finish" button

Note: Some motion sensors have a setting jumper in them for FIX/VAR mode. If that's the case, set the jumper to FIX. This sets a fixed 180-second check-in time with the antenna, which works best with the system software.

Note: For large installations with substantial distance between the sensor and transceiver, you can boost the signal with a repeater.

Additional Information