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GrandCare User's Manual

Quick Start Setup
Setting Up Your New System - Set up your touchscreen and power it on in 4 easy steps

Touchscreen and Social Features
Touchscreen and Social Features - Customize and use your touchscreen's entertainment and communication features

Wellness and Telehealth
Wellness and Telehealth - Set up and manage your home health peripherals

Medication Management
Medication Management - Set up and manage prescription and non-prescription schedules

Remote Activity Monitoring
Remote Activity Monitoring - Set up and manage activity, contact, and motion sensors

Care Portal
Care Portal - Using the caregiver and family features

Safety Guidelines and Precautions
Safety Guidelines and Precautions - Guidelines for the safe use and disposal of the system

Technical Guide
Technical Guide - Troubleshooting and technical manual

Consult Instructions For Use

What's New?

New: Activity Reminders
New: GrandCare Mobile for iPhone!
New: Connectivity Icon
New: customizable Community Services
New: Personal Nostalgia

GrandCare User's Manual