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Adding a Caregiver

Every person who will be receiving alerts or messages from the system needs to be in a Caregiver. This happens automatically, in most cases, when a person is given a user account. (See the instructions for adding new users).

User Levels that are Automatically Set Up as Caregivers:
  • Group Caregiver
  • Group Communicator
  • Account Admin
  • Account Caregiver
  • Account Communicator

User Levels that are NOT Automatically Set Up as Caregivers:
  • Admin
  • Distributor Admin
  • Group Admin

Caregiver Information
To add a new Caregiver:
  1. Click Users in the Online Care Portal
  2. Click the Add User button
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Give them the appropriate role
  5. Select the appropriate account or group
  6. Save the Add User form
  7. An activation email will be sent to the new user

Changing the Picture

Every Caregiver is assigned a picture. The default picture is a simple cartoon, but it can and should be replaced with a photo of the person. This picture is attached to all communications sent to the system, to identify the sender. Click on the picture to change it by uploading a photo from your computer.