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Consult Instructions For Use Welcome to GrandCare Help

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What's New?

New Features in the August Release
  • Update/Bug Fix - Edits to Caregiver- and Communicator-level users are now immediately synched to the Care Menu caregivers
  • Update - Username (email) field for users is now editable
  • New - Users can now change password while logged in by clicking the "Manage My Info" button, then the "Actions" tab
  • New - Administrators can now transfer multiple systems between Servers, Distributors, or Groups
  • New - Administrators can now apply software updates from a system's "Actions" tab

New touchscreen buttons
New Features in the July Release
  • Now communicates with Android devices
  • Larger text and color-coordinated subjects
  • Addtion of two new sensor choices:
  • Inovonics EN1620 motion sensor
  • AeonLabs Z-Wave Multisensor (motion/temp)

Let's Get Started

Help For Residents

Help for the Resident
This section explains all the features of the Touchscreen system, button by button, so the Resident can see what each feature does, and how to use it.

   Help For Residents

Help For Caregivers

Help for the Caregiver
Caregivers can use the online portal to interact socially with Residents who are using the Touchscreen system. Caregivers can also set up rules for activity sensors and health devices. In addition, Caregivers can customize the Touchscreen system to help the Resident get the most out of the system. This section explains how to log in to the online portal, and how to use its features.

   Help For Caregivers

Technical Help for Technicians and Installers

Help for Technicians and Installers
This section is for those who install the systems and peripheral devices, and who provide technical support.

   Technical Help
GC-01-OUM-0001 Rev B