Obsolete People Folders

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People Folders Screen
One Resident's People Folder Features

People Folders Button

People Folders

People Folders allow you to keep personal information private when you share your system with other residents.

Instead of having buttons on the Main Menu, that are accessible to all residents, such as Letters, Messages, Pictures, and Wellness information, you can access those features through the People Folders, and see only your own information, or information that has been sent to all residents.

Password Access

Your Caregivers can set an individual 4-digit PIN for your People Folder, so that only you, and those people with whom you share the code, can open your folder with your information.

People Folder Features

When you press the "People Folders" button, you will see a button for each resident added to the system.

When you press your own button, you will see buttons to allow you to access your own: