Add a Z-Wave Lamp Module as a Repeater on an Existing Network

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Lamp Module

Z-Wave Lamp Modules are "always-on" devices. This means that, in addition to providing lighting control features, a z-wave lamp module can act as a repeater on the network, extending the range of wireless devices.

How to Add a Z-Wave Lamp Module to an Existing Network

Note that when adding a lamp module as part of a new z-wave network, refer to the directions for adding z-wave devices.

  1. Identify which wireless devices you would like to extend. It's important that the Lamp Module be placed between the system and these devices (as a repeater would be)
  2. Disconnect the Z-Stick from the system
  3. Press the blue-ringed button on the stick for several seconds to put it in Delete Mode – rapid blink
  4. At the first device, press the button on the device to delete it from the stick (Note: for Hawking contact sensors, press the button 3 times rapidly, rather than just once)
  5. Repeat the previous 4 steps for each device you want to extend
  6. Press the blue-ringed button to turn off delete mode, then press the button again to put the Z-Stick in Add Mode – slow blink
  7. Make sure the Lamp Module is plugged into an outlet (one that is always live, and not switch-operated)
  8. At the Lamp Module, press the button on the module to add it to the stick – the blue ring will go solid
  9. Do the same for all the devices you have removed in step 4
  10. Plug the Z-Stick back into the system
  11. On the touchscreen:
  • Press the System (Gear) button
  • Enter the 4-digit System PIN (which is set, and can be viewed, on the Advanced Settings screen in the Care Menu)
  • Press "Devices"
  • Press the "Scan Zwave Network" button - the scan will start automatically
  • Some devices may show up as "Unknown Device" - these may have gone back to sleep. Press the program button on the device again, then click the Unknown Device on the Devices screen, and click the "Rescan" button.

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