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Care Portal
From letters and photos to video calling and websites, GrandCare has many features for interacting with family and professional caregivers. Just took a cute photo of the kids? Send it to mom right from your smartphone. Find a fun YouTube video? Put it right on the GrandCare touchscreen. Then send a message to tell your loved one that something new is waiting for them. Or just place a video call so you can catch up in person.

Communication Features

Video Calling


- Place or receive a video call to the touchscreen from your computer or smartphone.
- Send a letter to the touchscreen and receive a response. It's as easy as email, but better.
- Upload slideshow photos directly from your PC or with GrandCare Mobile
- Sync FaceBook photos to the GrandCare slideshow
- Exchange notes with other caregivers using the touchscreen your PC
- Send a message to many GrandCare touchscreens at once, including emergency messages.

Entertainment Features

- Stay sharp with Trivia, Pick the Caption, What is This, and In What Year?
- Do some quick math with this big, easy-to-read calculator
- Choose from Solitaire, Checkers, Mastermind, and Tic Tac Toe–or add your own
- Choose from five pre-programmed streaming music channels, or add more
- Pressing the News button gives you a choice of different types of news stories
- Get the local weather forecast for the next five days
- Add specific websites to the GrandCare touchscreen.

Scheduling Features

- Add calendar events remotely or right on the touchscreen
- These pop up reminders come from the Calendar and from Today's Schedule
- Create a resident to-do list that can be checked off as things get done
- Create a caregiver's to-do list that can be checked off as care is performed

Customizing the Touchscreen

- Choose which buttons appear on the touchscreen, and set the order in which they appear
- In addition to your Photos, you can include news, weather, trivia, spiritual offerings and more
- These include darkening the screen between certain hours, an hourly chime, and more
- Have every touchscreen in your community to have a check in button that residents must press daily

Using the Touchscreen

Using the Touchscreen - Residents access all the features of the system using the pushbuttons on the touchscreen.

- Resident instructions for using the Main Menu, Weather, Digital Slide Show, and Video Calling