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Bluetooth USB Antenna

All Wellness Devices communicate with the systems via Bluetooth. Systems that include health devices must have a Bluetooth Antenna. NOTE: newer touchscreens will have Bluetooth built in and do not require an external antenna.

Installing a Bluetooth Antenna

To install and configure a Bluetooth antenna on a system:

Through the Touchscreen Setup Wizard

The first time you turn on a new GrandCare System, the Setup Wizard will start automatically and guide you through setting up your Wellness Devices, including the Bluetooth antenna.
The system will guide you through the setup process step-by-step.

If you are adding a device to an already configured system, see the Setup Wizard page for instructions on re-starting the Wizard.

Manually Through the Touchscreen

  1. At the system, plug the antenna into any open USB port on the back of the touchscreen.
  2. At the Touchscreen, touch the Settings Button.
  3. Enter the System PIN.
  4. Select the "Peripherals" button.
  5. Touch "Restart Drivers".
  6. After the drivers have restarted, the screen displays again. Verify that the Bluetooth row is green.

Supported Models

All systems with health devices require a Bluetooth antenna. Note: Most newer touchscreen come with Bluetooth built in and do not require an external antenna. Many external Bluetooth antennas will work with the system, but not all. See the Supported Hardware List for an up-to-date list of supported antennas.