Communication Features - Getting Started

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Activity Monitoring
You can send personal photos, videos, messages, emails, and set up appointment reminders for your loved one, or setup a Facebook feed with specified photo albums. One-button video chat lets you easily connect the generations. Your loved one receives these communications on the touchscreen system. The communications are controlled so that there is no spam, and your loved one can only receive communications from approved contacts. Communications starts from the Care Menu for Caregivers, and from the Touchscreen for Residents.

Communication Options

- family members and caregivers can upload pictures that can be browsed like a picture album, displayed as part of the digital slide show, and even used by the Resident as part of a game
- family members and caregivers can specify particular Facebook picture albums to share with a loved one - like uploaded pictures, these can be browsed, displayed in the slide show, and used in a game. This feed is dynamic, so that every time pictures are added to or removed from that selected Facebook album, the feed is updated automatically
- events, appointments, and occasions can be added to the calendar, and displayed on the system
- caregivers can communicate with each other about your loved one's care using Care Coordination Notes
- your loved one can exchange electronic letters with approved contacts (no spam!) - the letters are delivered to the email accounts of the contacts, and arrive on the Touchscreen of your loved one's system
- caregivers can send brief messages to the Touchscreen that can appear in the scrolling message bar on the home screen, and in the slide show - messages can appear at pre-set times or all the time
- it is easy for the Resident to make and receive video calls on the Touchscreen system with approved contacts