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Activity Monitoring
The on-screen action button can be configured to send an alert to family or perform some other system action when pressed. Rules can be set to send out notifications when the button is pushed. The notifications can be sent by email, text, or phone, and can go to a single caregiver or to many. Sometimes referred to as the "I'm OK" button, this button can let you know when your loved one is up for the day, needs some help, or needs you to call.

On-Screen Action Button Text

The on-screen action button can be configured to display whatever text you choose. The button might be configured to read "I'm OK," with the intent that the resident would press the button each morning to let family know that all is well. Or configured to read "Call Me" in a situation where the resident would like a caregiver to call at their convenience. Another option could be "Help!" where it means emergency assistance is needed.


Adding the On-Screen Action Button

You need to add the action button to the main screen to use this feature. To add the button:

  • Log in to the Online Care Portal
  • Open the Care Menu
  • Click the "Notifications" button
  • In the Action Buttons section, click the "Add New Device" button
  • Use the Pull-Down to select "Internal - On Screen Button"
  • In the Description field, type what you want to the button on the screen to say. (You are limited to 11 characters.)

You have now created the button, but for it to appear on the touchscreen you need to associate the button with an action by setting a rule.

On-Screen Action Button Rules

You can set up rules to alert caregivers when something occurs. To add a rule:

There are two parts to each rule, a condition and an action. On the first screen, choose the condition. Your rule can be triggered:

  • Whenever the on-screen button is pushed
  • If a button is pushed during a specified time period
  • If a button is not pushed during a specified time period

Note: If you designate a specified time period, the on-screen button will ONLY appear on the touchscreen during the specified time period. If you want the button to appear on the screen at all times, select "Anytime" when setting the rule.

Once you have defined the condition, you need to set the action. Possible actions include turning on a light, showing an on-screen Acknowledgment to the resident, or contacting a single caregiver, all caregivers, or a Call List. The types of contact include:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Phone call to home, work or cell phone
  • Phone call to a Call List

Note: In order to set up a rule to receive a text message you must have a cell phone number entered in your GC Manage user profile.

Examples of rules might be:

  • If the button is not pushed between 9 and 10am (when a nurse is expected to visit) then email an adult daughter.
  • If the button is not pushed by 10am (meaning mom did not get up in the morning as expected) then call adult son.
  • If the button is pushed at any time then send texts to all caregivers.
  • If the button is pushed in the middle of the night, then contact a Call List.

Multiple rules can be triggered for any event, so that multiple types of alerts can be sent out, for example both phone calls and emails.

A checkbox next to the rule lets you set whether the rule is enabled or disabled. You can disable a rule by unchecking the box. When you're ready for the rule to be active again, just check the Enabled checkbox again, and then save the rule settings.

Notification History

You can see a list of each time the button was pressed over the last two days, the last week, or the last month.

The list displays the date and time of each button press.

Note: An on-screen button will be overridden if the Group Check-in feature is enabled.