Rules and Alerts - Getting Started

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Caregivers can designate rules as to when and how you would like to be alerted about unusual activity in the residence. Rules can be set for activity sensors, health devices, medication compliance, and weather. Alerts can be in many forms, including phone calls to home, work or cell phones, or to phone tree-style call lists, text messages, emails, and on-screen messages.

Every rule has a condition - what triggers the rule. The possible conditions differ by sensor type. For example, no motion during the kitchen when expected; blood glucose not tested when expected; front door opens in the middle of the night.

Every rule has an action. Typically one or more Caregivers will receive an email, text or phone call, although other types of actions are possible such as on-screen messages, and turning lights on or off. Note that the phone numbers and email addresses must be included in the Caregiver's information in the People module in order for a Caregiver to be eligible to receive that type of alert.

How to Set Rules - by Sensor Type

  • Rules for Activity Sensors:
  • Rules for Health Devices
  • Rules for Medication
  • Smart Home Rules
  • Other