Obsolete Activity Sensors - Getting Started

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Activity Monitoring
Unobtrusive activity of daily living monitoring sensors or action buttons report wirelessly to the system located in the residence. Through the Care Menu, caregivers can log in to assess activity levels, pin-point specific problems, and determine alert rules.

Protocol Options

There are two transmission protocol choices: Z-Wave and Inovonics. (Legacy systems may also use X10-protocol sensors.) For the protocol selected, systems require an antenna and the chosen sensors. (See the Supported Hardware List for the current selection of supported sensors and antennas.) Follow the appropriate instructions (listed below) to set up the antenna, and to set up the sensors. Systems may use sensors of more than one protocol type.


Related Information

Monitoring Activity

After the antennas have been configured, and the sensors added, Caregivers can monitor activity, and set up rules that will send notifications if situations they define should occur. These instructions are found in the Help For Caregivers section. Or see the Activity Monitoring - Getting Started help page.