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Users - Getting Started

Users and Phone People

Before people can start to use the Resident’s system, to add pictures or messages, have Video Chats, or to see activity and receive alerts, they need to be set up.


Users and Caregivers are often one and the same. The primary purpose of Caregivers is to receive alerts from the system, for example a phone call if the door opens in the middle of the night, or a text if medications haven't been accessed at the proper time. People also need to be set up as Caregivers if they are going to send Messages or Letters on the system. When a User is created, that person is automatically set up as a Caregiver at the same time. Occasionally a person will receive rule alerts, but not be permitted to log in to the Care Portal. In that rare case, a person is only set up as a Caregiver. (See the instructions for adding Caregivers.)

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GC-01-OUM-0015 Rev D