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* Finish data entry (e.g. Caregivers, Known Callers, Medications, Pictures, etc.)
* Finish data entry (e.g. Caregivers, Known Callers, Medications, Pictures, etc.)
* Train Resident and Family<br /><br />
* Train Resident and Family<br /><br />
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Steps for Setting Up a System

Installation Time Estimates

Keep in Mind:

  • Expect a great deal of variation from one client to the next
  • Time estimates assume an ideal, problem-free installation and a well prepared and educated installer, who has done his/her homework

Time Estimates:

  • Assessment: 1 to 2 hours - Includes: interviewing family, determining potential rules, surveying the home/loved one, family orientation (how to check, add pictures, etc.)
  • Pre-install: 1 to 2 hours - Includes GC Manage set up (account, users, caregivers), setting up sensors & initial rules
  • Installation: 1 to 2 hours - Includes: Placing the system in the home along with sensors

Rule of Thumb: - Plus a few hours

  • These are estimates assume no tech difficulty or extra assistance/help for family and caregiver
  • There are almost always some unique factors involved, so allot a few extra "just in case" hours

Installation Overview

  • Set up installation date & primary caregiver training session
  • Set up a time to talk with primary caregiver about system capabilities and help set-up rules, add pictures, etc.
  • Collect information for the setup
  • Bring up system in office
    • Allow time for any updates to apply. (New systems may not have any updates. Systems that you have held in inventory for a period of time may have more.)
    • Install the antennas
    • Pre-set and test all sensors
    • Add any initial rules (Try to add as few as possible for 2 weeks – learn what's normal before setting most of the rules)
    • Add initial communications (Important to load some pictures from caregivers before installation to make the system more appealing to the resident)
    • Add Users
    • Add Resident, Caregivers, and Known Callers
  • Install in the residence
    • Give an emergency support number to your primary caregivers
  • Set up 2-week follow-up with caregiver(s)
    • Answer any questions
    • Together assess information & set-up appropriate rules
  • Follow up a few days after this
    • Are rules appropriate (too few/too many calls or emails?)
    • Revise rules as needed

Installation Steps


  • Resident/Care Receiver: Get name, address, phone, age, gender
  • Family Caregivers: Get names, relationships, emails,phone numbers (home, work, cell)
  • Collect information for the setup: Media:InstallationInformationCollection.pdf

On the Installer's PC:

  • Login to the Online Care Portal and access the System (The System ID is on a sticker on the back of the unit)
  • Edit or verify the resident's Time Zone, and other date and time settings
  • Edit or verify the resident's Weather City
  • Edit Community Features
  • Push the updated settings to the System
  • Create an Account for the Resident
  • Assign the System to the Account
  • Add Users, and Assign them to the Account
  • Assign a Primary User to the Account

On the Touchscreen System:

On the Installer's PC:

On the Installer's PC and the Touchscreen System:

At the Residence:

  • Set Up Network
  • Set up System
    • Antennas
    • Add batteries
    • Place sensors
  • Finish data entry (e.g. Caregivers, Known Callers, Medications, Pictures, etc.)
  • Train Resident and Family