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Welcome to GrandCare Help

Quick Links

Help For Caregivers Help For Residents Help For Care Managers Technical Help

Setup Wizard: Welcome Screen

Getting Started

Quick Start Setup - Set up your touchscreen and power it on in four easy steps
Network Setup - Connecting the system to the internet
Power Button - Turning the system on and off correctly

If you are setting up your system for the first time, visit our Setup Wizard page.

Our Setup Wizard and on-screen instructional videos are designed to guide you step-by-step in setting up the system. This Wizard will automatically start the first time you power up the system.

The Touchscreen

Using the Touchscreen - Navigating the system touchscreen
Touchscreen Main Menu - Explains all the available features of the Touchscreen system
Calibrate Touchscreen - For optimal responsiveness and performance to your touch

Wireless Devices

Wellness Devices - Health information can be recorded through a variety of wireless wellness devices
Activity Monitoring - Through the Care Menu, caregivers can log in to check activity levels

Online Care Portal

Logging In - How caregivers log in to the Online Care Portal
Dashboard Overview - Navigating the Online Care Portal
Care Menu - System settings and communication hub

Safety and Maintenance

Packaging and Disposal - Devices and parts, including batteries, must be or recycled or disposed of properly
Cleaning Instructions - To safely clean your system and peripherals, follow the instructions and precautions found on the manufacturer's instructions
Safety Precautions - Follow these safety precautions in the event of changes in the performance of the device

What's New?

March 2017
New: Introduction of Away Mode
New: Introduction of Community Messages
New: Introduction of Message History
New: Introduction of Group Check-in

GC-01-OUM-0001 Rev F