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</table><br />
</table><br />

==Sensor Types==
==General Setup==
:[[Steps for Setting Up a System]]
:[[Tools to Bring to an Installation]]
:[[Online Care Portal Overview]]
:[[Touchscreen PINs]]

:'''This is the technical guide, intended for the people who set up and manage systems.<br />It provides an overview to the entire setup process.'''
==Advanced Setup==
:[[Network Setup]]
:[[Calibrate Touchscreen|Touchscreen Calibration]]
:[[Flash Setup]]
:[[Weather|Set Weather City]]
:[[Date and Time Settings]]
:[[System Settings|Additional System Settings]]

:System setup includes adding devices, editing users, and adding the system to a network.<br />
==User Management==
<br />
:[[User Roles and Privileges]]
:[[Roles and Privileges Chart]]
:<big><big>'''General Setup'''</big></big>
:[[Resident-Level Users]]
:'''<u>[[Steps for Setting Up a System]]</u>'''
:[[Group-Level Users]]
:'''<u>[[Tools to Bring to an Installation]]</u>'''
:[[Account-Level Users]]
:'''<u>[[Online Care Portal Overview]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Touchscreen PINs]]</u>'''
==Wellness Devices==
<br />
:[[Wellness Devices]]
<br />
:[[Bluetooth Antenna]]
<br />
:[[Blood Pressure Monitor]]
:<big><big>'''Advanced Setup'''</big></big>
:[[Pulse Oximeter]]
:'''<u>[[Network Setup]]</u>'''
:[[Add a Weight Scale]]
:'''<u>[[Calibrate Touchscreen|Touchscreen Calibration]]</u>'''
:[[Ear Thermometer]]
:'''<u>[[Flash Setup]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Weather|Set Weather City]]</u>'''
==Inovonics Sensors==
:'''<u>[[Date and Time Settings]]</u>'''
:[[Activity Sensors - Getting Started|Activity Monitoring]]
:'''<u>[[System Settings|Additional System Settings]]</u>'''
:[[Inovonics Antenna Installation]]
<br />
:[[Add Inovonics Devices]]
:[[Attaching a Sensor to a Pressure Mat|Pressure Mat Setup]]
:<big><big>'''User Management'''</big></big>
:[[Door Sensor Installation]]
:[[Battery Tips for Sensors]]
:'''<u>[[User Roles and Privileges]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Roles and Privileges Chart]]</u>'''
==Other ADL Sensors==
:'''<u>[[Resident-Level Users]]</u>'''
:[[Z-Stick Configuration]]
:'''<u>[[Group-Level Users]]</u>'''
:[[Add Z-Wave Devices]]
:'''<u>[[Account-Level Users]]</u>'''
:[[Add a Z-Wave Lamp Module as a Repeater on an Existing Network|Z-Wave Lamp Module Repeaters]]
<br />
:[[X10 Antenna Installation]]
:'''<u>[[Add X10 Devices]]
:<big><big>'''Wellness Devices'''</big></big>
==Safety Precautions==
:'''<u>[[Wellness Devices]]</u>'''
:[[Turning Off the System]]
:'''<u>[[Bluetooth Antenna]]</u>'''
:[[Packaging and Disposal]]
:'''<u>[[Blood Pressure Monitor]]</u>'''
:[[Cleaning Instructions]]
:[[Safety Precautions]]
:'''<u>[[Pulse Oximeter]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Add a Weight Scale]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Ear Thermometer]]</u>'''
:[[Troubleshooting Tips]]
<br />
:[[Battery Report]]
:<big><big>'''Inovonics Sensors'''</big></big>
==Requesting Help==
:'''<u>[[Activity Sensors - Getting Started|Activity Monitoring]]</u>'''
:[[Create a New RT Ticket]]
:'''<u>[[Inovonics Antenna Installation]]</u>'''
:[[Add Correspondence to an RT Ticket]]
:'''<u>[[Add Inovonics Devices]]</u>'''
:[[Search RT by System ID]]
:'''<u>[[Attaching a Sensor to a Pressure Mat|Pressure Mat Setup]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Door Sensor Installation]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Battery Tips for Sensors]]</u>'''
<br />
<br />
:<big><big>'''Other ADL Sensors'''</big></big>
:'''<u>[[Z-Stick Configuration]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Add Z-Wave Devices]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Add a Z-Wave Lamp Module as a Repeater on an Existing Network|Z-Wave Lamp Module Repeaters]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[X10 Antenna Installation]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Add X10 Devices]]</u>'''
<br />
<br />
<br />
:<big><big>'''Safety Precautions'''</big></big>
:'''<u>[[Turning Off the System]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Packaging and Disposal]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Cleaning Instructions]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Safety Precautions]]</u>'''
<br />
:'''<u>[[Troubleshooting Tips]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Battery Report]]</u>'''
<br />
<br />
:<big><big>'''Requesting Help'''</big></big>
:'''<u>[[Create a New RT Ticket]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Add Correspondence to an RT Ticket]]</u>'''
:'''<u>[[Search RT by System ID]]</u>'''
<br />
<br />

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