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This is the technical guide, intended for the people who set up and manage systems.
It provides an overview to the entire setup process.
System setup includes adding devices, editing users, and adding the system to a network.

General Setup
Steps for Setting Up a System
Tools to Bring to an Installation
Online Care Portal Overview
Touchscreen PINs

Advanced Setup
Network Setup
Touchscreen Calibration
Flash Setup
Set Weather City
Date and Time Settings
Additional System Settings

User Management
User Roles and Privileges
Roles and Privileges Chart
Resident-Level Users
Group-Level Users
Account-Level Users

Wellness Devices
Wellness Devices
Bluetooth Antenna
Blood Pressure Monitor
Pulse Oximeter
Add a Weight Scale
Ear Thermometer

Inovonics Sensors
Activity Monitoring
Inovonics Antenna Installation
Add Inovonics Devices
Pressure Mat Setup
Door Sensor Installation
Battery Tips for Sensors

Other ADL Sensors
Z-Stick Configuration
Add Z-Wave Devices
Z-Wave Lamp Module Repeaters
X10 Antenna Installation
Add X10 Devices

Safety Precautions
Turning Off the System
Packaging and Disposal
Cleaning Instructions
Safety Precautions

Troubleshooting Tips
Battery Report

Requesting Help
Create a New RT Ticket
Add Correspondence to an RT Ticket
Search RT by System ID

GC-01-OUM-0070, Rev B